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Optimus Prime 2014 by cwmodels
Optimus Prime 2014
This is a reinterpretation of OptimusPrime with the most modern mechanical design aesthetics. I did this sketch after having a discussion with a fellow TF fan on how I felt the current Transformers visual directions should have taken instead of all the "uninspired mess" seen out there.
I originally planned to have the second volume of Captain China released by August 2012, but a lot of unforeseen events delayed its production.

First of all, I was approached with an unusual business opportunity to open an Anime store here in Orlando, Florida. In all honesty, I had never really worked in retail before, so it was quite a task just trying to figure out how to put this type of business together and learning how to maintain it. Ever since the Grand Opening in August most of my days have been spent there dealing with customers and the regular day to day operations. It wasn't until I adjusted the store hours in November that I was able to free up some time to jump back onto Captain China again.

Second, I was struck with the tragedy of losing my longtime friend, Hector Collazo. We first met when I started out as an intern at Marvel Comics back in 1992.  We remained both friends and collaborators ever since then. Hector also began his career as an intern for Marvel and went on to become a seasoned veteran in the comic book industry. He worked for Marvel in both production and the editorial departments for many years until leaving to work freelance as an inker. His most notable work was inking over Scott McDaniel's pencils on "Daredevil: Fall From Grace" published in 1993. Hector was also an incredibly talented artist in his own right with a strong sense for art direction. Unfortunately, Marvel's Bankruptcy in 1997 put both of our careers on hold, and there was a period of time when we drifted apart. It wasn't long before we crossed paths again and for the past six years we enjoyed a conversation over the phone at least once a week. Talking  about an assortment of topics: Comic Books, Movies, Star Wars, toys, food, jokes, and so on. The conversations were always a blast due to Hector's great sense of humor!

Hector contributed greatly to Excel Comics behind the scenes. His help with editorial and art direction was a big part of making Captain China possible. His untimely death at the age of 45 has been a tragic loss for me, both personally and professionally. Not a day goes by where I don't long to hear his voice over the phone again.

Hector, with all my heart I can honestly say you are sorely missed.

Chi Wang

If you like to see Hector Collazo's artwork here's his deviantArt page:

Captain China 2 Amazon Kindle Purchase Link:…

我要感谢大家来继续支持中国队长第二集。我原本计划于2012年八月发行这本书, 但很多不可预测的事变延迟了制作进度。

首先, 我在佛罗里达这里遇上一个特别的商业机会, 合伙开了一家日本动画精品店。我以前从来没有经营过零售店, 所以自从八月开幕这一段时间, 每天都在店里学习, 接待客人, 和了解这种类型业务的运作。直到11月后, 我调整了商店的营业时间, 才能腾出一些时间继续中国队长漫画制作。

其次, 在年底11月时, 我的老友 Hector Collazo 突然中风去世。才45岁的他, 这个消息对我来说一个非常惊讶和悲伤的打击。

我第一次遇 Hector 时, 是我在1992年进入 Marvel Comics 作实习生的时候。 当时, 他是属于特别策划部门的助理编辑。Hector 和我是同一所高中毕业, 也是同样从 Marvel 实习生在1985年开始了他的职业漫画生涯。他最早在美术部作业, 大学毕业后转入了编辑部。Hector在1993年成为自由业画家之后, 有帮 Marvel 和 DC 漫画作画, 曾经有在一段时间内成为非常抢手的落墨师。Hector 最知名的作品是夜魔侠 "Daredevil: Fall From Grace" 这故事系列。不幸的是在1997年 Marvel 总公司宣告破产大幅度裁员, 之后我们的工作量大减, 开始变得疏远, 也失去了联系。

但人生也真是意想不到, 我们几年后有机会再次遇见时, 关系也变得更密切。在过去的6多年来, 我们通常会每周用电话交谈聊各种各样的事情包括漫画, 电影, 星际大战, 笑话, 等等。Hector 独特的幽默感总使我们的对话充满了欢声笑语!

我们近几年来也在漫画制作方面经常合作, Hector 有为中国队长漫画多次给予编辑评论和美术指导, 也有帮卓越漫画幕后作出了极大的贡献。他的死是我公司重大的损失。

在过去的几个月里, 我经常想打电话和他谈天, 但是他人已经不在了....

如果你有兴趣, 可以去这里看看 Hector 的个人作品:



Chi Wang
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Personal Quote: If they don't know better, don't tell them!

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I think I ran across your old website YEARS ago back in the late 90's or early 00's & sent you a fan e-mail about your work in the TF:G2 series from Marvel. I decided to google your name today & see what you were up to and boy, I'm impressed! I'm definitely checking out Captain China in the future (as I love indie comics) and that M.A.S.K. fan comic (gotta love Vanessa, and the way you drew her made her look SO hot for a cartoon character) was quite the treat and took me right back to my youth. We need more comics like that and a whole lot less of this melodramatic graphic violence crap. I wish you good luck with all of your future ventures--I'm definitely keeping an eye on you from now on!
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Hey! Thanks for the compliments! I am still working away on some fan comics but it's just hard to find spare time to do so.
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